A documentary feature film on the end of physical media

Independently owned video game stores specializing in used media can be found in small towns and big cities all across North America. However, these shops and their owners face an uncertain future. Internet-dependent consoles, rising data speeds, and the cost-heavy path to retail has lead most games to be sold exclusively in digital storefronts.

Directed by Kevin J. James (Computer Fighters; Guaranteed* Video; The Creed), Not For Resale examines the sea change in video gaming from physical media to the digitally distributed future, featuring interviews with store owners, game developers, journalists, and preservationists about what lies ahead for the world of physical media and how it affects more than just video games.

When there are no more physical games to sell, what gets left behind?

Featuring Interviews With…


The Filmmakers


Kevin J. James

director, producer, editor

Having spent a decade working in short films, television, and corporate video, movie making is both a profession and passion for Kevin. While consistently producing digital shorts since 2008, Kevin directed the award winning horror comedy The Creed in 2013 and co-directed Computer Fighters in 2016. He has worked on editorial and camera departments for shows on TLC, Lifetime, and A&E and was most recently Shell TechWorks's video producer in Boston. While he'll always be a Genesis boy at heart, Kevin's original PlayStation is basically the reason this film is happening. 


Thomas Chalifour-Drahman

cinematographer, producer

Thomas is a veteran camera operator based in New York City.  He has worked in documentary, reality, and narrative television production for a decade.  His work has been featured on Food Network, Travel Channel, A&E, Discovery, MTV, TLC, Esquire and more.  His first video game system was an old school NES shared with his siblings, but he misses his old Xbox from college the most.


Brendan Mertens


The director of Netflix's Ghostheads, Brendan is the documentarian behind Don't Quit Your Day Job Films in Ontario, Canada. His next film is the upcoming documentary The Mike Stand is about the life and comeback of stand-up comedian Mike McDonald.


Pat Contri

executive producer

Pat Contri is known across the internet to his fans as Pat the NES Punk. A prominent gaming podcaster, author, YouTube personality, and Nintendo historian - Pat broadcasts to hundreds of thousands of followers across social media and has been the subject of a feature on Wired.  His book - Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library - offers a complete and exhaustive history of the groundbreaking console and its library of games.


Fool’s Errand

production company

Fool’s Errand is the name for the creative collaborations of filmmakers Kevin J. James and Thomas Chalifour-Drahman. Kevin and Thomas met while studying film production at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts in 2005. In addition to their biggest undertaking yet, Not For Resale, they are the creative team behind the award winning horror-comedy short The Creed.