A documentary feature film on the end of physical media
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Not For Resale is a documentary feature film that examines the decline of physical media in the video game industry and the rise of digital distribution. Changing technology has affected everything from secondhand mom & pop retail stores to independent game developers. As the way we fundamentally interact with media moves inevitably into the future, new opportunities arise. 

But what gets left behind?


Not For Resale tells the story of the rise of digital distribution and the decline of physical media, and how it’s upended the video game industry.


What they’re saying about Not For Resale

“[Director Kevin] James has crafted a warm, funny, and wistful film which should resonate with anyone who ever blew dust out of a cartridge or scoured a paperback player’s guide for cheat codes.” - Oscar Goff, Boston Hassle

“It’s about what’s lost when a medium, once dependent on physical media, seems to give up on the format that might make preservation easier, and what gets lost in translation. Spoiler alert: It’s a whole lot of history.” - Vanyaland

“Cannot. Miss. This.” - Nolan North (Uncharted franchise)


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